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Happy New Year!

Welcome 2021! Happy New Year friends! May this new year be much more happy, healthy and full of new exciting (and good) adventures! We will maintain our optimism and hope for the best! As the Russian saying says, the way you greet the new year, that's how you'll spend it. :) Here's how we greeted it!

As in typical Russian style, we had a table covered with various dishes because as we say, you have to greet the new year with a full belly! :) However, it was only my husband and I. We did not want to risk it due to the pandemic and decided to do our visits to the grandmothers the following days.

Our menu consisted of the following (mind you, this is for two people, ha!):

Herring Under a Coat (Shuba, a Russian dish)

Olivye (potato salad, a Russian dish)

Deli plate (salami and various cheeses)

Smoked salmon

Red caviar

Pkhali (spinach and walnut spread, a Georgian dish)

Cucumber and tomato salad

Pickled tomatoes, cabbage and pickles

Khachapuri (feta cheese in filo dough, a Georgian pastry)

Satsivi (chicken in a walnut sauce, a Georgian dish)

Salisbury steak (thank you, Natasha's Kitchen!)

Rice (Syuzma ash, an Azerbaijani rice dish)

Apricot salmon (thank you, Natasha's Kitchen!)

Fried potatoes

Pan-seared Steak (thank you, Natasha's Kitchen!)

And of course, bread!

I must say that we probably only ate an eighth of what was on our table, but it was all delicious! There will definitely be leftovers for the following few days. This was mostly a typical Soviet-style table with the signature dishes that are must-haves on a New Year's table.

We had a bottle of champagne (Sovetskoe, which is a Soviet champagne that is still made to this day). For dessert, I made chocolate cookies and a cranberry-orange pound cake, which came out so good! Thank you, Natasha's Kitchen! I decorated it with some fake acorns, cranberries, and sprigs of rosemary :D. I didn't have any extra pine tree branches, so I figured, hey, a sprig of rosemary works well! And it did! Sometimes, creativity and imagination is the only way to success! :) We also had a variety of little cakes that we bought in a bakery. Oh, and tea, of course! :)

We hope you all had a great time greeting the New Year, and we wish you all an amazing 2021!


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