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How it all started...

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

So I think it all started with my wedding...the creative juices started flowing when I was thinking about what theme we should have for our wedding, what colors, what design. We decided to have a Venetian carnival theme with masks, flowers, feathers, lace, etc. I remembered seeing the photos of the actual Venetian festival and the costumes the Venetians wore. They are so amazingly beautiful...I mean look at them! The design, time and thought that went into the costumes...

I decided I wanted to incorporate that costume design into the centerpieces. We picked purple and gold as our wedding colors. I bought a whole bunch of colorful Venetian masks (made in China of course..ha!) I drew a centerpiece design for our flower vendor, and she was able to create the centerpieces just like I imagined them. It looked like we had those Venetians standing on our tables. It was beautiful!

Then I though of the cake and I wanted to have flowers and masks on it with the colors we picked. I used a cake design website to create a cake design and pasted in the flowers and the little masks I bought. The stencil designs I obtained from the website and here's what came out of it!

We had a great time planning the wedding! Yes, there were some ups and downs, but you can't have one without the other. We also choreographed our first dance, and it was so much fun dancing it in front everyone!

For our wedding gift, my mom, brother and grandmother gifted us a honeymoon to Spain, which were already planning out. We were so excited, and of course, I planned out everything - the six cities we were going to visit (Madrid, Seville, Cordoba, Granada, Valencia, Barcelona), the stops we were going to make in between these cities, the hotels, the car rental, etc. We had an amazing time and Spain was a delight!

Here are some highlights from our road trips:

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