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Italian Romance

Que bella Italia! I remember when I was in Italy - there was such romance, beauty and history! Oh and the food! In Capri, limoncello was a big hit with tourists because the local industry is growing lemons and has been so for centuries. Tuscany, with its' rolling hills, delicious wine and gorgeous scenery. Each region has its' own beauty and personality, and instantly makes you fall in love!

With Valentine's Day coming up, I started coming up with ideas for romantic setups for a dinner. Since traveling is difficult nowadays, I thought it would be great to bring traveling, specifically Italy, to you. How would it look on a dinner table? Flowers, lemons, country...the beautiful combination of the colors of yellow and blue! So I came up with this...a beautiful Tuscan dinner setup with blue and yellow flowers, lemons turned out so perfect! And this can be for either a romantic dinner for two, a quaint country wedding, a birthday celebration or whatever else you want to celebrate! It was so much fun searching for the right flowers, dinnerware, etc for this setup.

Let's start with the dinnerware. Since spring is coming up, many things sold in Home Goods was geared toward Easter and spring, which was perfect for finding something for this setup. Home Goods had a whole lemon section! I found salad plates with lemons and a matching white square dinner plate. I also found a tablecloth that fit perfect with its' design and colors. On Amazon, I found blue champagne flutes (which I must say were so beautiful and made me want to keep them) and goblets, which gave the setup a more romantic feel to it. The utensil set I already had and it worked into the theme ideally!

Now for the decor of the dinner table, I bought a whole bunch of lemons and some cute little lemon and flower bouquets on Amazon. I found a medium sized bowl that matched the salad plates at Home Goods and the three vases. I wanted a vase which I could fill with lemons and found a beautiful clear vase with an Italian-like design on it. All the flowers were from Joann's and they were so beautiful once I placed them in the vases. The beautiful hanging white wisterias were perfect the provide symmetry and frame the table centerpieces. Other flowers were hydrangeas, wildflowers, dahlia, tweedia, etc. It was like a blue, yellow and white Tuscan landscape. It also had the feel of southern Italy as well. I loved it! In the end, to blend the centerpieces into the table set, I intertwined more flowers with a few leaf garlands and placed a bunch lemons on top. It ended up romantic, but at the same time, quaint with a country feel to it.

This setup could easily be made into a romantic dinner for two, but can also be a beautiful wedding. I can only imagine several tables standing in a garden or an open setting with these tables. An amazing way to bring Italian romance to an event!

Planning and Decorating - SMLA Happy Events

Decor - Home Goods, Amazon, Joann

Photography - SMLA Happy Events

Location - Woodland Hills, CA

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