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Quarantine Birthday #1 - Mickey Mouse

Our son's 3rd birthday was coming up, and as always, I started planning in advance. He liked Mickey Mouse and so we stuck with that theme. We were going to host it at a local park, decorate the table with colorful table covers with Mickey and his friends everywhere! I had awesome dessert, gift and food table designs! We would have had trains, toys, etc. The guests would be visited by Mickey and Pluto, who would play a scavenger hunt with them. It was all coming together!

And then the pandemic hit...and all our plans fell out the window. We were so looking forward to it, thought I'm sure my soon-to-be 3-year-old had no idea what was going on. But life happens and you deal with it...and move on. So we ended up using all the decorations I bought for the park birthday at home...for a virtual birthday with the family. You make the best of it and that is what we did!

We used our china cabinet as the dessert "table" and I started putting up all the decorations that were to be used in the park. Mickey and friends cutouts, figurines, a gardening pot holder that I got at Home Goods that I used for the cake stand, etc. I loved how the colors stood out and it appeared to be so cheerful! :) I could only imagine how it all would have looked like in a park...oh well :)

For the dessert, we had amazing macaroons in the form of Mickey Mouse and fruit with berries. I used a Mickey cookie cutter to cut the honey dew melon and watermelon into Mickey heads. I found Mickey veggie chips and gold fish with Mickey heads at Target, which fit perfectly with the theme!

The cake turned out incredible, as always. Love the bakery that we always go to! During transport though, we managed to ruin both of Mickey's hands with the box cover, which smudged half of the top of the cake. But it still turned out wonderful!

Our son loved it all! He got to keep all the toys from the decorations. We had both grandmothers and uncle call in via video and sing him Happy Birthday! He had his family with him, and in the end, that is all that matters! Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet boy!

Vendor Credits:

Planning and Decorating - SMLA Happy Events

Decor - Home Goods, Party City, Amazon

Food - Target; SMLA Happy Events :)

Cake - House of Pastry (

Macaroons - Sweety Bitty Pastry (

Photography - SMLA Happy Events

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