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Quarantine Birthday #3 - For a Soccer Fan

Well, I figure I cannot let my husband go without some kind of birthday celebration during this quarantine. He's a big soccer fan! He probably knows 90% of all statistics and facts related to soccer teams and championships...pretty amazing! He even got me into it after we started dating. Ha! :) Since we were having another celebration at home with a virtual "party", I did not think about too many decorations, but as is my style, had to have some creativity put in the planning. )))

I know, I know...that is a lot of soccer balls! ))) My favorite part was the cake stand. I gave these World Cup glasses to my husband as a gift for last New Year, and they came in real handy. I filled three glasses with chocolate soccer balls and placed a plate with the cake on top. It turned out awesome! I am sure if this was an actual party, this set up would have looked great with other soccer-themed decor, but for a quarantine birthday, I thought it was creative and worked out well!

My husband loves Russian honey cake, and I found a local bakery that bakes delicious honey cakes. I placed soccer ball candles left over from past birthdays, a small goal with a small soccer ball, and a bunch of handmade flags of my husband's favorite European soccer teams. I also cut up watermelon into circles, though they probably looked more like hockey pucks. Ha!

I did my best with what I had at my disposal, and the birthday "boy" was happy! We all dressed up in soccer jerseys or something to that effect and had a great family celebration! Oh and no cakes fell on my watch this time! )))

Vendor Credits:

Planning and Decorating - SMLA Happy Events

Decor - Party City, Amazon

Cake - Nata's Baklava Bakery in Encino, CA

Photography - SMLA Happy Events

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